Essays are a part of any English speaking educational system.

A student must know how to write one, what to include and have command enough over the language to produce error free English essays. This is the criteria for essay success. So, what can you do to make sure that your essays are written in a way that not only meets basic standards but also shows proficient skills? Here are a few ideas.

Take Time to Get it Done Right

Writing essays is not a hard task by any means. It may seem a little time consuming because of the research that is often involved in the process but that is usually the biggest worry. A person can take time to make sure that they utilize their time wisely to research and write the essay.

Some tips include:

The one day at a time routine

This is where the student completes one portion of the essay process each day. Instead of setting aside an allotted time frame in which to work, they choose to complete a task.


  • Day One: Research essay topics and find a good strong title.
  • Day Two: Write the outline after taking into consideration the requirements such as essay length, style, etc.
  • Day Three: Research the factors in your outline. Then when it comes to writing the body of the essay, be sure to separate it into stages of development.

Setting allotted time- Some students have done this for years and swear by the process. If you make sure to give yourself that time and spend it in a quiet setting focused on your essay then you may find success.

The most important thing here is not to rush through it. Rushing to get the task done is usually how mistakes slip by. Following some sort of time management system is vital in producing error free English essays.

Get a Proofreader

Getting an outside opinion is very useful. It can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Have a list made for the people you have chosen to give an opinion about your essay including:

  • Were there any spelling errors?
  • Were there any grammatical errors?
  • Did the essay capture your attention?
  • Did the essay relate well with the title?
  • Was there enough research involved or would you have liked to see more?
  • All of these are excellent questions that can be asked which would help you create error free English essays.

Buying Essays

Last, but not least, is a choice that is highly controversial. The decision to buy an essay is one that should be carefully considered. There are many ethical issues surrounding this type of transaction. But, aside from that we should take a look into the benefits and problems associated with it.

As a benefit the student can choose to have someone else do the researching, the writing and produce a quality essay for an array of reasons. It could be because they are swamped with working and other assignments, or because they have an active social life as well as a job and assigned tasks, or perhaps the student is just plain lazy. The problem that can arise from this effort is generally that the student does not get the experience of creating the essay. It seems a minor consequence but can impact them greatly in the future with either the school or their career.

These are just some aspects to consider in order to produce quality and error free English essays. The writing helps to enhance skills and talents as well as proficiency with the English language.

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