When writing an essay there are certain essay steps that must be followed.

No matter what type of topic, style or format you choose there are simple tips that can guide you through this essay writing process with ease.

When you begin the essay writing experience, the first thing you need to establish is the required essay length. Usually you will be assigned this amount. By knowing how long, or short an essay needs to be, you are able to follow these steps more effectively. This will also help tremendously when you need to research essay topics, assuming that they too are not assigned.

When picking an topic think about the essay length. If it is to be a short 250 word essay you can find a subject that can easily be captured within this small amount of space. If it is supposed to be a few pages long then you’ll need to use more broad idea or focus so that your essay can have depth and range to it. With the topic comes the title. You do not want to have a vague title. Be descriptive, this will make the essay more attractive to the reader.

Now that you are done with the beginning essay steps, it is time to start the writing process. Creating an outline is essential. As the creative genius that is ready to plunge into making a masterpiece, you must sketch out what it is that you want to see on your canvas. Only you know where you want to go with your essay. Start with how you want the introduction, then move onto the essence you want to capture in the body and then draw your conclusion.

The researching is generally the most feared of the essay steps. Fortunately there is a lot of hype and really it is not that hard. Even if you are required to have twenty five sources for the citation list, research can still be relatively painless. It is more time consuming that anything else. The internet and your library have the best resources for writing exceptional essays. While you are researching, be sure to jot down notes. Anything and everything that might be relevant is acceptable. Once you have organized those notes you are ready to begin the essay.

The style and format for this essay might already be established. But if it isn’t then it is time to decide on one and stick with it. Now the style and the format are two different things.

Some format examples are

  • compare or contrast
  • argumentative
  • persuasive
  • analytical

Some style examples are:

  • mla
  • apa


The last of the simple essay steps you need to remember is to keep the reader interested. Avoid repetition just as you would spelling or grammar errors. All of these problem areas are critical to avoid. You can do this by choosing a topic or an angle that with keep you interested. Keeping that interest going is imperative to that overall grade and final assessment.

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